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iPhone and Door Plug that Blew Out of an Alaska Plane Flight Mid-Air has been Found


On Saturday, Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 experienced an unexpected blowout that left a terrifying hole in the fuselage. The eight-week-old Boeing 737 MAX 9, en route from Portland to Ontario, California, climbed to 16,000 feet before the incident unfolded. A cabin panel, including a window, abruptly detached, causing a rapid depressurization of the cabin.

An emergency exit used as a cabin window blew out of the Alaskan Airlines flight from Portland to California.

Passengers on board found themselves in a chaotic scene, emergency oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling as the aircraft hurtled towards an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon. Social media images captured the alarming aftermath, revealing gaping holes in the plane’s side and distressed passengers.

Fortunately, the skilled pilot managed to execute a safe emergency landing, saving all 174 passengers and six crew members on board. However, the near-tragedy left some passengers with injuries, including a young boy whose shirt was ripped off by the sudden decompression.

Speaking to CNN, one of the passengers on board, Emma Vu, narrated: “I woke up to the plane just falling, and I knew it was not just normal turbulence because the masks came down, and that’s when the panic definitely started to set in,”

“You just think it’s never going to happen to you — and then it literally did happen to me.”

A terrified passenger described the moment she texted her mother and father goodbye after the plane’s window blew off midair.

In a TikTok video, she further recounted how scary the incident was. Upon jolting from sleep when the aeroplane’s door plug popped out, she fearfully texted her parents, “The masks r down. I am so scared right now. Please pray for me. Please, I don’t want to die”.

This unpleasant episode adds to the scrutiny surrounding Boeing’s 737 MAX series, already marred by previous accidents in 2018 and 2019. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the situation as the cause of the blowout remains unclear.

In a recent follow-up of the incident, NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy disclosed that the dislodged door plug had been found. It was located in the backyard of a Portland schoolteacher, identified as Bob.

“We are really pleased that Bob found this,” she said in a Sunday night press briefing. She believes the finding is crucial for the ongoing investigation.

One of the cell phones that flew out of the plane, an iPhone, was also found by video game designer Sean Bates, who said that he picked it up while out for a walk.









The iPhone was in aeroplane mode and in good condition. Bate shared this on Monday in an X post where he joked about the missing door, which has indeed been found.

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