Home News Explosion Rocks National Youth Festival Celebration in Cameroon

Explosion Rocks National Youth Festival Celebration in Cameroon

Explosion Rocks National Youth Festival in Cameroon
by Rachel

A harrowing explosion has shattered the festivities of National Youth Day in the town of Nkambe, Cameroon.

The celebratory mood quickly turned to chaos and despair as an improvised explosive device wreaked havoc on a bustling food outlet, leaving behind a scene of devastation and anguish.

Eyewitness reports painted a grim picture of the aftermath. Families, who had gathered to commemorate the occasion, found themselves grappling with shock after the tragedy. 

Among the numerous victims included children, who suffered various degrees injuries in the blast, casting a pall of sadness over what should have been a day of celebration and unity.

Authorities have pointed to separatist fighters as the likely orchestrators of the attack, highlighting the ongoing unrest and violence that have plagued the Anglophone regions of the country. 

The explosion, occurring two hours after schoolchildren had marched in honor of National Youth Day, served as a stark reminder of the fragile peace that hangs over the nation.

State radio and television station CRTV provided chilling accounts of the incident, capturing scenes of chaos and panic as children, clad in their blue school uniforms, scrambled to safety amidst the chaos. 

Videos circulating on social media further underscored the gravity of the situation, depicting injured adults receiving aid from concerned bystanders amidst the rubble and debris.

Youth Day in Cameroon on February 11 is observed by children and youth from the country’s 10 regions. This commemoration emphasises this new generation’s ability and commitment to contribute to the creation of a prosperous and stable tomorrow.

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