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Did Governor Sim Fubara Really Agree to the Directives for Resolution at the Abuja Meeting?

During a meeting with President Bola Tinubu and other key figures, which aimed at resolving the Rivers State political crisis involving Governor Sim Fubara and his predecessor, former Governor Nyesom Wike, a directive containing a list of conditions requiring the signature of Governor Sim Fubara, was issued by the President for the peace-making attempts.

This step was taken by the president as an initiative to ease the building tensions clouding the state. The directive called for an immediate halt to all attempts to impeach Governor Fubara by the Rivers State House of Assembly while enumerating other conditions, among which complete autonomy of the Rivers State House of Assembly, recognition of the Assembly’s leadership and reinstating benefits of all assembly members and staff were most notable.

Outlined in clear terms, the agreement covers several important points, which include:

Image showing the directives for the resolution of the political impasse in Rivers

Withdrawal of Legal Cases: All ongoing court cases initiated by Governor Fubara related to the political crisis in Rivers State must be withdrawn immediately.

Halt on Impeachment Proceedings: The impeachment processes started against Governor Fubara by the Rivers State House of Assembly should cease without delay.

Recognition of Assembly Leadership: The leadership of the Rivers State House of Assembly led by Rt. Hon. Martin Amaewhule and the 27 members who resigned from the PDP should be acknowledged.

Reinstating Benefits: The salaries and benefits of all Assembly members and their staff must be reinstated promptly, with no interference from the Governor’s office.

Assembly Autonomy: The Rivers State House of Assembly is granted the freedom to choose their legislative venue without any interference from the Executive arm of government.

While there is no official statement confirming Governor Fubara’s acceptance of these conditions yet, and recent emergency reports that the signatures were forged, doubt clouds the air as the net questions the authenticity of the ‘signed’ document which supposedly confirmed Fubara’s agreement to the resolution held by the president at Abuja.

As the story unfolds and the facts are revealed, West Africa Weekly remains committed to bringing you updates on this ongoing political crisis between the current governor of Rivers State and his predecessor. 


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