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Infrastructure Wall Encumbers Research in Nigeria

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu has recently shared why she had to move out of Nigeria after her master’s degree. She disclosed this in her interview with Arise Television, where she mentioned that “hitting an infrastructure wall” in research made her decide to relocate.

JAPA is certainly not a new concept in Nigeria. Still, the wave has been on the rise in tandem with the country’s economic decline, making Nigeria lose some of its best brains in the search for greener pastures, most especially with the culling approach of most foreign embassies in Nigeria which makes them grant visas to mostly the academically/professionally accomplished.

Her interview also illustrates the very worrying deficiency in Research plaguing the country. It showed that we don’t lack researchers; it is just that we do not have an environment that enables them to thrive. Every country that takes its development seriously devotes considerable resources towards research, and if Nigeria intends to develop, it must do the same.

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