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David Hundeyin Releases New Book


Multiple award-winning investigative journalist, David Hundeyin has released a new book titled “Breaking Point: A Journalist’s Quest For Salvation In Nigeria’s Chaos”.

The book, released yesterday, the 25th of January, is based on his life over the past 3 years. “It’s basically the story of 2021 – 2023 through my eyes,” he said.

For years, Hundeyin has added his voice to economic, political, and financial reforms in Africa, especially Nigeria. It is on this foundation that his works have appeared on Al-Jazeera, The Africa Report, Channels Television, West Africa Weekly and CNN.

Over the course of an award-laden decade in journalism, he has built a fearsome reputation for telling Nigeria’s most forbidden stories in a uniquely uncompromising style that has earned him a huge following and a long list of powerful enemies.

Once again, Hundeyin delved into a world of highlighting the international and local conspiracy against Nigeria in keeping it poor and broke in his new book “Breaking Point: A Journalist’s Quest For Salvation In Nigeria’s Chaos”.

During the course of Hundeyin’s writing process, he was living through some of the events described in the book while documenting them. “I was writing the book in real-time as some of the events – especially in the final chapter – were happening”.

The target audience for this book is every African with an interest in a better continent for everyone. “The book offers a painfully honest and jarring look at the depth and difficulty of the struggles involved in fighting against the continent’s established criminal public and private establishments. If you dream of a Nigerian “revolution”/renaissance, this book is required reading”.

David Hundeyin is the founder of West Africa Weekly.

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