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Autopsy unable to ascertain cause of Mohbad’s death – Pathologist

Autopsy Mohbad
Late Mohbad

The pathologist overseeing the forensic examination on the remains of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as MohBad, has failed to provide conclusive evidence regarding the cause of his untimely demise, he stated that the autopsy was conducted after the body had decomposed, rendering it impossible to ascertain the cause of death.

MohBad passed away on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, under circumstances that remain shrouded in mystery, and his body was exhumed days after being buried to facilitate a thorough autopsy.

However, hopes of obtaining clarity through the autopsy have been dashed as the pathologist disclosed that due to the advanced state of decomposition, which was days after, made it impossible to determine the cause of MohBad’s death.

Speaking at the coroner’s inquest held in Lagos State, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Wahab Shittu, relayed the pathologist’s remarks to journalists.

Shittu stated, “According to him (pathologist), the cause of death cannot be determined because by the time they conducted the test, the body had decomposed and that it is not possible for them to determine the cause of death. So, in summary, he is saying the cause of death cannot be ascertained. When you say the cause of death cannot be ascertained, it means it is suspicious, it is not clear. No particular reason.

Moreover, the pathologist suggested a possibility that MohBad may have succumbed to a reaction from drugs administered to him prior to his demise.

However, he emphasised uncertainty regarding whether those drugs directly contributed to his death.

The inconclusive autopsy results has added to the intrigue surrounding MohBad’s passing, leaving his fans and the public clamouring for answers, with reference to video evidence on the internet showing blood in the coffin at the time of exhuming his body.

Speculations around the cause his death continues with many questioning the circumstances leading up to the demise of the artist.

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