Home Business Apple’s Market Value Drops by $113 Billion Amid Regulatory Pressures

Apple’s Market Value Drops by $113 Billion Amid Regulatory Pressures


Apple, under the leadership of Tim Cook, faced a significant setback as its market valuation plummeted by $113 billion on Thursday, reflecting an 11% decline year-to-date amid mounting regulatory pressures. Both US and European regulators have intensified their scrutiny of the tech giant, with lawsuits and probes focusing on alleged antitrust violations and compliance with digital market regulations.

On March 21, 2024, Apple shares tumbled by 4.1%, exacerbating its year-to-date decline to 11%, trailing behind the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 indices. This regulatory scrutiny is not new to Apple, given longstanding accusations of anti-competitive behavior. However, the increased regulatory actions coincide with Apple’s expanding global presence, prompting authorities to adopt a stricter stance against its market dominance.

In the US, a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department and 16 state attorneys general accuses Apple of stifling competition by limiting rivals’ access to hardware and software features. Similarly, potential European investigations aim to scrutinize Apple’s app store fees and terms for developers, along with its competitors.

Apple defended itself against the US lawsuit, refuting the allegations and vowing to contest the legal action vigorously. However, it remained silent on the potential European probes. The US lawsuit alleges that Apple’s control over app distribution on iPhones has impeded innovations and consumer choice, citing examples across various technologies.

The looming regulatory actions in Europe, particularly under the Digital Markets Act, pose substantial financial risks for Apple, with potential penalties amounting to 10% of its global annual revenue. Since the DMA’s full implementation in March, Apple has been under increased scrutiny, following a significant fine imposed by the EU for anticompetitive behavior in the music streaming sector.

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