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Apple Music Introduces Monthly Replay


Apple Music has announced the launch of a monthly version of its Replay experience, shedding light on users’ listening habits on a regular basis. Similar to Spotify Wrapped, Replay offers a year-in-review-type feature, providing expanded insights into users’ listening preferences for eligible subscribers worldwide.

Accessible via replay.music.apple.com, Apple Music users can now delve into their monthly listening habits by logging in with their Apple IDs. The platform allows users to explore their top songs, albums, artists, and milestones of the month, provided they meet the required listening threshold.

Upon accessing the platform on mobile, users are greeted with a tab for the current month, offering insights such as total minutes listened. Tapping on categories like “Top Artist” or “Top Song” provides users with an expanded view of their top 5 selections in those categories. For instance, users may discover that their top songs for January were primarily piano tracks, perhaps chosen to boost productivity after the holiday season.

Switching to the tab for the following month, users receive a message prompting them to check back in early March for insights into their February listening habits. Additionally, users are notified if they didn’t reach any music milestones in the previous month.

According to Apple’s support site, monthly insights on Apple Music are based on play count and time spent listening. Furthermore, Apple offers a Replay Mix playlist, which serves as a personalized top songs chart of the year and is updated weekly, allowing users to continuously revisit their favourite tracks.

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