Home News ”After unleashing unbearable pain on Nigerians, APC want to determine how citizens express pain” -GRV

”After unleashing unbearable pain on Nigerians, APC want to determine how citizens express pain” -GRV

''After unleashing unbearable pain 'on Nigerians, APC want to determine how citizens express pain'' -GRV

Gbadebo Rhode-Vivour, the Labour Party candidate for the Lagos gubernatorial election, has condemned what he describes as the APC’s attempt to stifle dissent and control public discourse by regulating social media.

In a statement released on his X page, Rhode-Vivour articulated his concerns over the APC’s alleged intentions, stating, “The APC wants to hold steadfastly to its misguided right to unleash unbearable pain on Nigerian citizens but also wants to determine how these citizens express their pain.”

He noted that the administration has left many families hopeless and seeking to criminalize their expressions of frustration. 

Rhode-Vivour’s remarks come amidst growing public discontent over the government’s handling of issues such as poverty, unemployment, and insecurity.

“The administration has left many families hopeless but wants to criminalize their tears,” Rhode-Vivour asserted, highlighting recent instances of crackdowns on peaceful protests in states like Niger and Kano.

He further criticized the government’s priorities, suggesting that instead of addressing the root causes of public discontent, the APC seeks to suppress dissenting voices.

“Why are they so bent on stripping individuals of their right to present ideas and opinions without the fear of being censored or unjustly prosecuted?” Rhode-Vivour questioned.

Rhode-Vivour’s remarks reflect a broader sentiment among many Nigerians, particularly the educated youth, who have increasingly turned to social media as a platform to voice their grievances against the government’s perceived failures.

“As long as we operate a constitutional democracy where free speech acts as a bulwark against tyranny, we will challenge the thuggish attempt to regulate social media,” Rhode-Vivour stated, vowing to uphold the rights of citizens to freely express themselves online.

In conclusion, Rhode-Vivour emphasized the need for accountability and urged the government to address the underlying issues fueling public discontent instead of attempting to silence dissenting voices.

“The impunity with which they plunder and the recklessness with which they govern require urgent regulation,” he asserted, calling for a change in leadership that prioritizes the welfare of the people.


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