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Actor Deyemi Okanlawon Reflects on Producing ‘All’s Fair in Love’


Actor and producer, Deyemi Okanlawon, has recently shared the journey behind his latest movie ‘All’s Fair in Love’. Transitioning from seasoned actor to producer, Okanlawon discussed the challenges and triumphs of bringing his project to fruition.

Speaking to Hip TV, Okanlawon reflected on his 11 years in the film industry, expressing how producing shed light on a different aspect of filmmaking and deepened his understanding of the industry.

Describing the experience as laborious yet rewarding, Okanlawon admitted to encountering unforeseen challenges but emphasized that the process allowed him to discover the untapped creative potential within himself.

Surprisingly, Okanlawon revealed that his journey into acting began in the church, initially as a form of ministry. What started as a casual encounter eventually led him to his first engagement in the field.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Okanlawon shared how a chance audition opened doors to multiple roles, setting the stage for his subsequent projects.

Overall, Okanlawon’s foray into producing not only tested his limits but also unearthed newfound skills and resilience, marking it as one of the most exhilarating experiences of his career.

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