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Abductors of Kaduna students demand N1bn ransom, gives 20days ultimatum


The abductors of over 200 students and staff from a school in Kariga, Kaduna, have demanded N1 billion naira as ransom for their release.

A local councillor and Jubril Aminu, a community leader representing the victims’ families, disclosed this demand to Reuters.

“They made a total of N1 billion ransom demand for all the pupils, students, and staff of the school,” Aminu noted. 

He further revealed that the kidnappers had issued a chilling ultimatum, threatening to end the lives of the hostages if the ransom was not paid within 20 days from the date of the abduction.

“They said they would kill all the students and the staff if the ransom demand were not met,” Aminu lamented. 

Idris Ibrahim, an elected official from the Kuriga Ward Municipal Council, corroborated the ransom demand, affirming that the kidnappers communicated through Jubril Aminu’s number with a hidden phone number.

“Yes, the kidnappers called the community through Jubril Aminu’s number and made the demand,” Ibrahim affirmed, highlighting the clandestine nature of the communication.

The situation has escalated concerns nationwide, especially in the wake of similar incidents in Sokoto, Borno, and other regions. Despite the gravity of the situation, there has been no information regarding the release of the victims from any of these abductions.

Authorities, including Samuel Aruwan, commissioner of internal security and home affairs in Kaduna State, have yet to respond to Reuters regarding the kidnappers’ demands.

Similarly, spokespersons for President Bola Tinubu and the army have remained silent on the matter. 

However, Mohammed Idris, the country’s information minister, addressed reporters on Wednesday and revealed Tinubu’s stance on the situation. 

Tinubu emphasised that security forces should secure the hostages’ release without succumbing to the demands of the kidnappers.

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