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Zambia starts administering oral cholera vaccine following a countrywide cholera outbreak

cholera vaccination in Zambia

On Tuesday, Zambia began administering the oral cholera vaccine following a countrywide cholera outbreak.

The authorities distributed some doses in Matero township in Lusaka, the country’s capital, which remains the most affected by the current outbreak.

According to reports from Health authorities, the countrywide cholera outbreak has killed 363 people so far, with 30% of the victims being children under the age of five. Also, the report says that 9,500 individuals have been sickened.

On Monday, the Zambian authority received the first batch of 1.4 million oral cholera vaccines from GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, and other partners.
cholera vaccination in Zambia
Expressing gratitude during a news conference in Lusaka where the vaccines were received, the Minister of Health, Silvia Masebo, thanked the various partners, including the WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund, saying:
“The WHO International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision approved over 1.7 million doses of oral cholera vaccines for use in Zambia.

“About 1.4 million doses have already been received in the country in four separate shipments between the 11th and the 14th of January 2024. The remaining balance of over 200,000 will be made available to the country soon.”

The outbreak that began in early October has spread to most parts of the country, but the capital city of Lusaka has recorded the largest number of cases.

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