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Shallipopi Reveals Kung Fu Connection to Stage Name


Nigerian singer Shallipopi, whose real name is Crown Uzama, recently shared the surprising inspiration behind his unique stage name: the 1994 Chinese kung fu comedy film, “Shaolin Popey.”

In an interview with Madame Joyce, Shallipopi revealed how he had explored using his birth name and other nicknames before embracing the name inspired by the unlikely source. The twist, he stumbled upon the movie by accident thanks to a mistaken CD purchase by his mom

My mom bought a Tom and Jerry CD, but turned out it was Shaolin Popey,” he explained. “Looking for a stage name, I drew inspiration from it, and that’s how Shallipopi came to be.

But music inspiration didn’t stop there. Shallipopi also named Grammy-winning artist Wizkid as his biggest musical influence. “All artists inspire me, I pick something from each,” he said, “but Wizkid is my biggest.”

Adding fuel to fans excitement, Shallipopi hinted at a possible collaboration with Wizkid, mentioning a soon-to-be-released song. “Wizkid is in his ‘daddy era,'” he shared, “It’s not just about money, it’s growth. He’s evolved.”

While details about the potential collab remained under wraps, Shallipopi’s unique origin story and exciting hints have certainly piqued fans’ interest. Keep an eye out for more on this promising collaboration and Shallipopi’s future endeavors!

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