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Senator Commissioned Personal Project as Constituency Project

Senator Barr. Onyekachi Nwebonyi of Ebonyi North senatorial zone commissioned a building project within his district, stirring controversy and critique across social media platforms.


The senator, who holds the position of Deputy Chief Whip in the Nigerian Senate, took to his social media platform on X to announce the commissioning of a building project in Ebonyi North senatorial district. 

In his post, Senator Nwebonyi congratulated Mr Moses Darlington Nwebonyi on the completion of the project for him.

However, the announcement sparked widespread backlash as users on X questioned the project’s authenticity. 

One of the critics, Baron Chymaker.𝛑 (@chymaker on X), expressed scepticism over the project’s status as a constituency endeavour, sarcastically commenting, 

“You built a house for your brother and commissioned it as a Constituency project 🤷.”

Victor Makinde (@Gbademakinde) echoed the sentiment, suggesting disbelief in the situation by stating,

 “Nigeria is not a real place, I swear. What’s this 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

He also highlighted the senator’s “congratulations boy” use in his announcement, implying a personal connection rather than an official constituency-related effort.

The criticism revolves around the perceived misuse of public office for personal gain, raising questions about the senator’s conduct and the project’s legitimacy as a genuine constituency development initiative.

As the post continues to gain traction online, with citizens and observers calling for transparency and accountability in government projects, especially those purportedly aimed at community development within various senatorial districts across Nigeria.

While the Senator is not the first to come under criticism for such an issue, the affront to post such a project with the caption is what began the questioning of whether the project is personal or built for his family member, whose name appeared on the post.


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