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I lost all my properties- Emeka Ike

Nigerian actor Emeka Ike, renowned for his prolific contributions to Nollywood, has resurfaced in the industry after a prolonged absence, revealing a tumultuous journey fraught with personal struggles.

In an exclusive interview on Channels Television’s ‘Rubbin Minds’ show, Emeka Ike courageously disclosed the hardships he endured during his hiatus from the limelight.

The actor, recognized for his versatility on-screen, delved into the depths of his personal life, recounting a tumultuous battle with depression, marital discord, and an unfortunate rift with colleagues within Nollywood.

Ike’s narrative unfolded with a harrowing account of alleged false accusations and subsequent repercussions that shook the very foundation of his life. He recounted how he was embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-wife, who accused him of assault, leading to the loss of property and denied access to his beloved children.

The distressing aftermath saw the closure of his school and a heart-wrenching separation from his students.

Reeling from the orchestrated turmoil orchestrated by his ex-wife, Ike returned from a trip to find his properties overrun, a haunting and devastating blow to his life’s work and aspirations.

The actor also revealed a chilling revelation – during his absence, he faced threats to his life, surviving encounters with gunmen and assassins who relentlessly pursued him without reason or cause, adding a terrifying dimension to his struggles.

Nevertheless, amidst the turmoil, Emeka Ike resurfaced as he made a return to the silver screen.

In the interview, Emeka claimed that his role in Toyin Abraham’s anticipated movie, ‘Malaika,’ serves as both a personal and professional milestone, drawing from his life’s trajectory to infuse authenticity into his character portrayal.

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