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Prioritise Existing Infrastructure Over New Projects – Obi Tells FG


Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate for the 2023 elections has voiced significant concerns regarding the timing and prioritisation of monumental projects, notably the coastal Lagos-Calabar Super Highway Project.

He expressed these concerns in a comprehensive statement on X addressing the current state of infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Obi acknowledged the benefits of the coastal Super highway project but expressed reservations about its timing and the allocation of resources. He emphasised the urgent need to address numerous uncompleted roads across the country, which have become death traps and security risks for Nigerian citizens.

Highlighting specific examples from each region of Nigeria, Obi underscored the critical importance of completing existing infrastructure projects before embarking on new ventures. He pointed out that the allocated budget and expected funding from multilateral loan projects will not be sufficient to tackle all the essential roads and complete them.

Obi argued that prioritisation and fiscal discipline should guide Nigeria’s development agenda, especially given the current state of the economy. He stressed the need to focus on repairing and completing existing infrastructure to ensure the well-being and safety of Nigerian society.

He advocated for a shift in development focus towards completing and rehabilitating existing infrastructure rather than undertaking massive new projects that may never reach completion. He urged policymakers to prioritise the urgent needs of the Nigerian people and ensure that investments serve the collective good of the nation.

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