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Peter Obi Critiques 2024 Budget: Calls for Re-prioritisation to Address Critical Needs



The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi, has expressed alarming concerns about the 2024 budget, for not emphasising the importance of prioritising important sectors such as internal security, health, education, and poverty alleviation.

While the whole budget is still being worked out, Obi commented on the provision of N15.961 billion for presidential and vice-presidential aides’ trips, as well as N20 billion for office renovation. He stressed that this money could be used more efficiently to address important challenges, including the country’s terrible state of internal security.

Obi said that the considerable budget for official visits and office upgrades, totalling over N65 billion, exceeds the amount for the Police Trust Fund, which is critical for protecting the lives of over 200 million people.


“Join me in figuring out the alternatives of what this amount can do in real productive terms for our dear country, especially in a critical area like internal security” he implored. He emphasised the importance of re-evaluating budgetary allocations, saying that funds could be used to help the police department, which is currently facing considerable issues, such as a lack of functional cars and insufficient fuel allowances.

The presidential candidate proposed a strategic reallocation of resources, emphasising the importance of prioritising the things that are more important for national growth. He proposed reallocating a portion of the funds for trips and office upgrades to boost local industries and fix inadequacies in the country’s internal security system. Obi stressed that by investing in the procurement of operational vehicles for the police force, the government could improve security, and create jobs and better health centres, thus promoting economic growth, stability, and well-being of the citizens.


In his address, Obi emphasised the importance of addressing the suffering of the poor masses and prioritising expenditure to accomplish the vision of a “New Nigeria.” He asked the government to review the budget and revise its priorities to focus on critical sectors that impact citizen’s well-being. He emphasised the necessity of good planning and budgeting and advocated for a strategic approach that prioritises vital requirements and promotes long-term growth.

Obi’s words have ignited an important discussion on the allocation of public funds and the importance of prioritising critical areas to address the nation’s pressing challenges. His call for strategic resource reallocation to boost internal security, healthcare, education, and poverty elimination paints a loud picture for many Nigerians on the importance of careful budgeting and targeted investment in critical sectors to promote national development.


As Nigeria prepares to enter into a new year, Obi’s appeal for budget re-prioritisation to address vital needs resonates with the desires of many individuals seeking a more better and prosperous future. The observations of the former presidential candidate highlight the need for efficient governance and careful use of public resources in promoting the nation’s interests and ensuring the well-being of its people.




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