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Peter Obi Acknowledges Sacrifice of Security Forces Amidst Rising Violence


In a Twitter (now X) address amidst the festive season, Peter Obi turned his focus towards the often overlooked yet steadfast defenders of the nation – the men and women in uniform. With a heavy heart, he reflected on recent tragedies, from the appalling nightclub massacre in Anambra State to the Christmas Day terrorism in Plateau State that claimed over a hundred lives and left hundreds injured.

“Let us spare a thought for our compatriots in uniform,” implored Obi, as he mourned the distressing incidents across Zamfara and Katsina States, where farmers faced brutal attacks and kidnappings, which often goes unreported, spotlighting the immense strain on the country’s security forces.

Obi’s heartfelt message extended to these unsung heroes, acknowledging their sacrifices, especially during this festive period, when they are compelled to sacrifice the warmth of home, risking their lives to safeguard the nation’s democracy and freedoms. He emphasized, “Great nations are built by rulers, citizens, and the protectors of freedom.”

Expressing gratitude, he reassured these valiant individuals that their unwavering commitment is deeply cherished by a thankful nation. “To all our illustrious heroes, please accept the prayers and thoughts of your compatriots and the appreciation of a grateful nation for your services and sacrifices,” Obi remarked, urging a united front in acknowledging their dedication.

Additionally, Obi offered heartfelt condolences to families who lost loved ones due to these distressing events, recognizing the unparalleled challenges faced by the nation. He concluded by calling for unity in prayer, seeking divine intervention for the healing and restoration of the nation, and pleading for a return to peace and security across the land.


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