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NPFL: Board Fines Enyimba 10million, Rangers 5million For Match Disruption

Rangers vs Enyimba
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The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has handed significant penalties to Enyimba International FC and Rangers International FC following the chaotic scenes during their Match Day 35 fixture at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium on Sunday, June 9.

The NPFL, in a detailed letter signed by Chief Operating Officer Davidson Owumi and dated June 10, cited multiple breaches of league rules by both clubs.

Enyimba International FC, the reigning champions, were hit with a series of fines totalling N11 million for their role in the disturbances. In contrast, Rangers International FC were fined N5 million for their infractions.

Enyimba’s transgressions included failure to ensure proper conduct by players, officials, and supporters and disrupting a live broadcast. Specific violations and corresponding penalties are as follows: Rule C9 Violation: Failure to ensure proper conduct – N1 million fine. Rule B6.23 Violation: Disrupting a live broadcast – N5 million fine. Rule B13.18 Violation: Throwing objects and encroachment onto the field – N1 million fine.

Rule C1.1 Violation: Refusal to continue the match – Forfeiture of three points and three goals favouring Rangers International FC. Rule B13.24 Violation: Causing disruption and discontinuation of the match – N2 million fine.

In addition to the financial penalties, Enyimba must identify and produce the players and officials involved in the disruptions for investigation. The players named include Eze Ekwutoziam (Jersey No. 6), Chibuike Nwaiwu (Jersey No. 27), and Akanni Elijah (Jersey No. 10).

Rangers International FC is to face sanctions for overcrowding the stadium and failing to implement adequate security and crowd control measures. Specific violations and penalties include Rule B15.24 Violation: Over-ticketing leading to overcrowding – N2 million fine.

Rule B13.52 Violation: Inadequate security measures – N1 million fine. Rule B13.52.1 Violation: Inadequate crowd control measures – N1 million fine. Rule B13.52 Violation: Failure to prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas – N1 million fine.

The NPFL has ordered Rangers to implement more effective crowd control mechanisms for future home games.

The ruling placed Rangers at the top of the league table with 64 points, creating a five-point lead over second-placed Enyimba with just three matches left in the season.

Rangers FC now require only four points from these remaining games to clinch the league title, regardless of the outcomes of Enyimba’s remaining fixtures.

Both clubs have been given 48 hours to accept the summary jurisdiction and prescribed sanctions or face a disciplinary panel.

The NPFL has warned that failure to comply or lodging a frivolous appeal could result in additional sanctions.


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