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Nigerian Lecturers Address Ongoing Investigations in Benin and Togo Universities


The lecturers at Lot A/1 Finagnon, Zone des Ambassades, Akpakpa, Cotonou, released a statement urging the public to refrain from spreading false information about Benin and Togo, tarnishing the entire university system. Nigerian lecturers in Benin and Togo express support for the ongoing investigation into illegal degrees by the Nigerian government, advising students and parents to remain calm.

The lecturers, led by President Gabriel Kona and General Secretary Allen Michael, commend the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education for suspending accreditation and evaluation of degree certificates issued to Nigerian graduate students in Benin and Togo Universities. They affirm their readiness to collaborate with stakeholders to find a solution, forming a fact-finding committee to address the issue.

The statement strongly condemns quacks and academic racketeers, pledging to work with authorities to identify and address misconduct. The lecturers assure their commitment to providing quality education to Nigerian students in Benin Republic. They emphasize that one institution under investigation should not tarnish the reputation of others, urging the public to await the investigation’s outcome and remain calm.

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