Home News NDLEA Seizes Over 44,948.1kg of Illicit Drugs, Arrests Eight Suspects in Lagos, Edo, and Ondo

NDLEA Seizes Over 44,948.1kg of Illicit Drugs, Arrests Eight Suspects in Lagos, Edo, and Ondo


National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) says it made significant strides in recent operations, seizing a staggering 44,948.1 kilograms of illicit drugs across Lagos, Edo, and Ondo States. The agency’s Director of Media and Advocacy, Femi Babafemi, disclosed this on Sunday.

Babafemi revealed that during the operations, eight suspects were apprehended, further denting the operations of drug syndicates in the region. Additionally, the NDLEA confiscated 11 vehicles believed to be owned by the drug cartels, adding to the agency’s success in disrupting their illicit activities.

“In a well-coordinated operation, our operatives seized 10,534 kilograms (10.534 tonnes) of Ghanaian Loud, a strain of cannabis, in the Ajah area of Lagos State,” stated Babafemi.

“The recovered vehicles include: Iveco truck marked KRD 522 YE; Toyota Sienna marked AAA 338 GL; Toyota Sienna marked AAA 308 EP; Toyota Sienna marked FKJ 381 JC; Nissan bus marked EKY 846 YG; Mercedes bus marked EPE 743 XT; an unmarked Iveco J5 bus; Toyota Sienna marked LSD 744 GP; Toyota Highlander SUV marked KTU 280 FN; Toyota Sienna marked AAA 333 GH; and Toyota Sienna marked FKJ 208 HV,” he added.

Detailing the operations in Edo and Ondo states, Babafemi highlighted the destruction of substantial quantities of cannabis in various locations.

“In a warehouse in Ala forest, Akure, Ondo State, 7,687.8 kilograms of cannabis were destroyed, with an additional 670 kilograms evacuated,” he stated. “Similarly, over 6,500 kilograms of cannabis were destroyed on 2.6 hectares of farms in the Uzebba/Avbiosi forest, resulting in the arrest of three suspects.”

The NDLEA spokesperson noted the agency’s unwavering commitment to eradicating drug-related crimes, citing the destruction of 14,310.8625 kilograms of psychoactive substances in Ohosu/Ugbogui forest, Ovia South West Local Government Area, Edo State.

“In our relentless pursuit of drug traffickers and their accomplices, we remain dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities,” Babafemi concluded.

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