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London’s Akoko and Chishuru Earn Michelin Stars, Celebrating West African Cuisine


In central London, Akoko, a high-end West African restaurant, earns acclaim for its signature dish of tender cow tongue seasoned with traditional spices and served with bone marrow emulsion. Its Michelin star recognition, alongside Chishuru, marks a milestone for West African cuisine in the fine dining scene. Adejoké Bakare, of Chishuru, becomes the first black female chef in the UK to win a Michelin star, reflecting a shift towards recognizing African culinary talent.

These establishments offer a culinary journey through West Africa, featuring dishes like jollof rice and egusi soup, which resonate with Michelin inspectors. Beyond London, Parisian restaurant MoSuke also garners a Michelin star for its fusion cuisine, signaling global recognition of African flavors.

Founder Aji Akokomi creates an immersive dining experience at Akoko, celebrating African heritage and community. Despite traditional African restaurants thriving outside fine dining, Akoko and Chishuru present authentic flavors in a unique and approachable manner.

Chefs like Curtis Mccalla at Akoko welcome Michelin’s acknowledgment, reflecting a growing appreciation for African culinary traditions. This recognition paves the way for greater diversity and inclusion within the fine dining landscape, challenging perceptions and showcasing the richness of African cuisine on the global stage.

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