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Landlord Tortures 13 Year-Old Boy, Mother Locks Him Inside Room Without Treatment For 3 Weeks

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A landlord, Kamoru Fasasi and 2 others in Asipa, Badagry, Lagos State, have seriously damaged the hands of a 13-year-old boy, Moses Amosu, after 2 days of torture on the instruction of his mother, Olorunwa Yenukunme.

According to Ruth Amosu, the boy’s aunt, Fasasi tortured Moses for two days, sometime in November 2023, after his mother said he had been disobedient. Moses was tied and hung on a tree for several hours, where he sustained severe injuries and bone fractures on both arms. After the torture, his mother then kept him locked inside a room for three weeks without treatment until he escaped on Christmas Eve to his grandmother’s house.

Kamoru Fasasi

Moses’ parents, Sawanu Amosu and Olorunwa Yenukunme, have been separated for many years. The father claimed the mother had forcefully taken Moses away from him.

Ruth Amosu, his aunt, said:

“On Christmas Eve, around 11 am, my mother called and said that I needed to see the condition of my brother’s son. By the time I saw the boy the following day, on Christmas, I wept.”

Narrating what occurred, Moses said:

“When I insisted that I am going to my father, my mother handed me over to our landlord for beating. There were three that hit me: Kamoru Fasasi, Rosko, and Arabanbi. They tied me and hung me to a tree after the first day of beating. They took me inside, covered me with cloth and nylon, and placed stones on it so that I wouldn’t escape, and the beating continued the second day as they poured dry gin on me. My mother took me to a nurse after a few days, who gave me injections. As the hand began to swell, the nurse cut it open. My mother now took me home and locked me inside the room until my hand began to rot. I escaped the day my mother forgot to close the door.”

On 25th December 2023, the case was reported to the Badagry police station. Describing what happened next, Ruth Amosu said:

“Kamoru Fasasi was released that same day from police custody, and that was all the Badagry police station did. But several calls kept coming in, threatening me and my brother that we needed to leave the case. We then reported the case again to Area K police station.”

“The doctor has said the boy will go through three surgeries, and since then, we have been spending money with no support. Currently, we have spent over N850,000 on the treatment, and now the second surgery is supposed to be carried out, but we don’t have the money. We are pleading for the support of Nigerians to help this boy and get justice for him. We still need 400,000 to carry out the second surgery; we don’t know the cost of the third surgery, and the perpetrators did not give a dime; even the mother has not come to visit the boy.”

When asked, Moses’s mother said:

“Moses does not stay at home; he leaves the house for days or weeks. I must search for him in the neighbourhood before he comes home. Ajana has disciplined him several times. Before this incident happened, he ran away from home twice. I then handed him over for torture. He was tied up and beaten, and he sustained injuries. I took him to a nurse for treatment, but the wound did not heal, so I was scared of what people would say, so I kept him inside the house until he escaped.”

She added that she had not visited him because she had not been feeling fine. All attempts to speak with Kamoru Fasasi were unsuccessful, as he declined all the journalist’s requests to talk to him.

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