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Lagos-Calabar Highway: FG adamant on a Misplaced Priority – Peter Obi


Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has issued a statement condemning the government’s stance, calling for a reevaluation of priorities and a halt to the Lagos-Calabar highway project.

He emphasised the need to focus on essential development needs, including national security, poverty alleviation, healthcare, and education, particularly for the marginalised and disadvantaged segments of society.

Recall the federal government has initiated the controversial Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project despite widespread opposition and cries for reconsideration.

Reports emerged yesterday, revealing that demolition activities have commenced along the designated right of way for the project, starting from the Lagos end.

Critics have described the scenes of destruction and displacement as heart-wrenching, as businesses and residences are razed to the ground to make way for the ambitious infrastructure project. The demolition has left livelihoods shattered, lifetime investments wasted, and jobs lost.

The decision to forge ahead with the project despite mounting public outcry, particularly from directly affected business and property owners, has drawn sharp criticism.

Many argue that the timing could not be worse, given the nation’s prevailing economic challenges, including rampant unemployment and poverty.

According to Obi, recent estimates of the initial phase of demolition in the Lagos area alone puts over $200 million in investments at risk, with thousands of jobs on the line.

Thousands of jobs are about to be lost, with investments above $200 million at risk. Over 100,000 jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector face imminent extinction, along with 80 small businesses and their 4000 mostly youth employees, Obi noted.

The ripple effects are expected to extend far beyond, as the project spans a 700-kilometre stretch through rural regions where affected individuals cannot voice their concerns.

Like Obi, other project critics question its priority in the face of more pressing national issues, such as insecurity, poverty, and existing infrastructure.

Obi pointed to recent tragedies, like the fuel tanker explosion on the East-West road in Rivers State, which claimed numerous lives and underscored the urgent need for road maintenance and safety improvements.

Just a few days ago, many lives were lost, and over 70 vehicles were burned in a fuel tanker explosion that occurred on the East-West road in Rivers State. This tragic accident was primarily caused by the deplorable condition of the road, which has been neglected for years and urgently needs attention, Obi noted.

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