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Kizz Daniel and Davido’s “Twe Twe” Remix Hits #1 on Apple Music


In a reaffirmation of his status as a serial hitmaker in the Nigerian music scene, Afrobeat sensation Kizz Daniel has once again etched his name in the records. His latest single, “Twe Twe” remix featuring Afrobeat icon Davido, has soared to the number one spot on Apple Music’s Top 100 Songs.

The collaborative success of Kizz Daniel and Davido has sparked varied reactions online, particularly focusing on Davido’s verse. While loyal 30BG Gangs (Davido’s fans) laud his contribution, critics argue that Davido’s verse lacks substance and meaningful lyrics, branding it as mediocre.

Social media critic Daniel Regha, known for his candid opinions, rated Davido’s controversial verse a 1/10. Regha criticized the verse for what he deemed as pointless rhymes and lackluster lyricism, declaring the song subpar despite its rhythmic beats.

Amidst the contrasting opinions, Kizz Daniel’s “Twe Twe” remix continues to dominate the charts, showcasing the power of collaboration even in the face of divided critiques.

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