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Is This Leadership Or Wickedness? Red Cross Staff Laments Over Demolished Facility In Enugu

The staff and children of a Red Cross facility in Holy Ghost/Enugu State Government.
source: BBC Igbo

The Enugu State government has demolished a Red Cross facility in the Holy Ghost area of the state, causing severe physical and emotional damage to the staff and children in the facility.

The incident has sparked public outcry, mainly due to its impact on newborns and orphans. Many called on the state governor, Peter Mbah, to address the situation immediately.

In an emotional interview with BBC Igbo, some staff members of the Red Cross facility recounted the distressing events. They revealed that they had recently circumcised a set of twins before the demolition. They highlighted the plight of the newborns and other vulnerable children in their care.

They explained that many of the children at the facility were orphans brought there by surviving relatives. They said the government had promised them a new place to stay; however, the new location has yet to be completed.

“The Government told us they would give us a place to stay. When this happened, they had yet to develop the place they spoke about properly. So, when they came to destroy our facility, we told them there was no new place arranged for us as they promised, and they told us to wait.

”They promised not to destroy our current abode but gave us until Monday to leave. They came and told us not to leave on Friday; they did the same on Saturday. By then, we removed our zinc to preserve what the children would eat, but they told us not to remove them. To our greatest surprise, they came with caterpillars and destroyed everything.

“The kids were crying. We had to go in to bring all of the kids out because they didn’t care and were bent on destroying the building. We don’t know our offence,” a staff narrated in Igbo.

She described how their belongings, including beds, fridges, and freezers, were stolen amidst the destruction. Staff members had to safely carry as many children as possible, facing blockades that prevented them from moving vehicles to transport them.

“Our beds, fridge, and freezer were stolen amidst the destruction. We suffered that day. All staff members carried as many kids as possible, trying to protect them. We wanted to put the kids in a car, but they blocked our car so that no car would leave. Is this leadership, or is this wickedness?”

The situation at the new location is equally dire. The staff member described the lack of food, inadequate toilet facilities, and the proximity to bushes, which pose a danger from snakes and scorpions.

“Our concern is for these children, what will they eat,” she queried.

They called on the governor to urgently intervene and address the shortcomings of the relocation process.

“We’re asking the Enugu State Government to help us. We know they want the betterment of Enugu State.

The destruction of our original place of abode does not make us happy. That place was like Paradise, unlike this new place.”

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