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Illegal Diesel Refining Site In Gombe Uncovered- NDCDC

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has uncovered an illegal diesel refining site in Gombe, leading to the arrest of three people, including the refinery owner and buyers. More than 420 litres of illegally refined diesel were confiscated during the operation on Thursday.

NSCDC Commandant Muhammad Bello Muazu revealed that the illegal site was busted following public suspicions and a tipoff from a resident. NSCDC officers had been dispatched to investigate the claims, leading to the discovery of the massive diesel refining operation carried out behind the lead suspect’s home. The Commandant described the site as not being eco-friendly due to the toxic substances released into the environment.

“The illegal refinery is situated within the Gombe metropolis. In there is what they are illegally producing which is gas. We had the intelligence for weeks and we have been following only yesterday. God helped our men to move to arrest the perpetrators”, Muazu said.

He further lamented on the increasing prevalence of illegal refineries in many parts of the country, especially because these activities affect public health negatively. Buttressing this, the Commandant said, “There are a lot of dangers and hazards in such activities, especially when it has to do with chemicals, acidic substances, wastes, and other solid materials, and they doing these things in the midst of people including children and other families”.

The Corps has engaged the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) for further investigation. In response, SON’s acting Coordinator, Abass Adamu, lauded the NSCDC for enlisting their help and promised to investigate the samples through laboratory analysis.

“Gasoline is a refined product from liquid crude oil, but this one is not from crude oil but they are using other raw materials to extract gasoline from them. Gasoline is basically diesel. The company was wrongly sited. The business is not supposed to be there as it has hazardous effects on residents. It’s an unregistered company”, he explained.

Some of the residents attested to the environmental pollution caused by the site, saying that the place gave off an awful smell. While the investigation unfolds, the NCDC Commandant cautions the public against using illegally refined products due to the risks involved.













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