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How To Get Away With Murder In Nigeria

Netizens on X opened up the book of remembrance on DCP Danjuma and brought up his role in the death of the Apo Six of June 2005. The Apo six were Igbo traders at the Apo spare parts market in Abuja, and the fiancee of one of them was murdered in cold blood and then falsely accused to cover up the crime done against them.

Their names are Ifeanyi Ozor, Chinedu Meniru, Anthony Nwokike, Paulinus Ogbonna, Ekene Isaac Mgbe, and Augustina Arebu, the only female, the fiancee to Ifeanyi Ozor.

According to the story, Danjuma had made romantic overtures to the lady, which she turned down. The other five disagreed with the officer, who left the scene angrily for the nearest police checkpoint on Gimbiya Street. He then allegedly told the policemen there that he had sighted a gang of armed robbers. They followed him and obeyed his orders to open fire on the five men and a woman.

Four of them reportedly died on the spot, while a man and the lady who initially escaped were declared wanted, found, and murdered the following day. Tina, the lady, was personally strangled to death by Danjuma.

The Police Force, as usual, tried to cover up the story, and Danjuma allegedly obtained locally made pistols from the Garki police station and planted them in the Peugeot 406 car owned by one of them in an attempt to frame the deceased as armed robbers.

Even though the president at the time, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, set up a judicial commission of inquiry that did a thorough job of investigation, establishment of facts, and even recommendations, the slow wheels of selective justice in Nigeria have punished 2 out of the murderers. However, the judge who did the sentencing claimed that there was no sufficient evidence to convict Danjuma, a senior officer. One of the junior officers involved in the murder who had agreed to testify to the commission had died under mysterious circumstances, and his autopsy report read poisoning; another walked away from detention and disappeared without a trace.

Even worse, Danjuma, who had been dismissed from the force on the recommendation of the commission, was officially re-instated into the force through a wireless message, according to Sahara reporters. All salaries and other benefits of the period of dismissal were paid. He was sent on a refresher course and has been promoted to the position of ASSISTANT INSPECTOR GENERAL!!!

There you have it, a crash course on how to get away with murder by AIG Danjuma.

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