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Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba records increase in Psychiatric Admissions by 100%

In a startling revelation during the annual scorecard presentation at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Yaba, Lagos, Dr Olugbenga Owoeye, the institution’s Chief Medical Director, unveiled an unprecedented surge in psychiatric patient admissions, marking an alarming 100% increase in the past year.

During the “A Day With the Medical Director” event, Dr Owoeye highlighted the institution’s evolving landscape and expressed concern over the staggering rise in psychiatric cases.

Notably, he pinpointed a concerning 10% increase in drug abuse-related admissions while discharges witnessed a troubling 10% reduction.

Detailing the hospital’s achievements, Dr Owoeye announced the completion of the administrative building in Yaba and the rehabilitation of internal roads and drainages in Yaba and the Oshodi annex of the hospital.

Additionally, ongoing efforts include the rehabilitation of hospital wards, ongoing construction of the tele-psychiatric centre, and upgrade of the physiotherapy department, alongside various other developmental projects aimed at enhancing patient care and facilities, as reported by NAN.

However, Dr Owoeye acknowledged the challenges faced by the hospital, citing inadequate manpower and funding as major hurdles.

He emphasized the significant impact caused by the departure of health professionals seeking better opportunities elsewhere, resulting in a workforce vacuum and administrative complexities.

Addressing these challenges, Dr Owoeye urged the immediate implementation of measures to replace departed staff members, advocating for streamlined processes to mitigate bureaucratic bottlenecks and maintain uninterrupted healthcare services.

Looking towards the future, Dr Owoeye outlined strategic plans for 2024, emphasizing the prioritization of staff welfare and intensified efforts in manpower development and training. He stressed the pivotal importance of completing ongoing projects to elevate mental health care delivery standards within the hospital.



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