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Exploring Nollywood’s Global Impact: Trending Films on Netflix


Nigeria’s film industry, affectionately dubbed Nollywood, has garnered global attention with its captivating narratives and diverse genres. From rich cultural tales to gripping crime thrillers, Nollywood has solidified its presence on the international cinema stage.

One platform showcasing this cinematic wealth is Netflix, offering a wide array of Nigerian movies to cater to various tastes. With CyberGhost Smart TV VPNs, viewers worldwide can now access this treasure trove of Nollywood content on Netflix, breaking geographical barriers and ensuring they don’t miss out on the latest hits.

This technological leap fosters a closer connection between global audiences and Nollywood’s enthralling stories, reinforcing the industry’s universal appeal.

Here are some standout Nollywood movies currently making waves on Netflix:

The Black Book

Directed by Editi Effiong, this gripping crime thriller featured Richard Mofe-Damijo as a retired military man seeking justice for his son, who fell victim to corrupt law enforcement. The film delved into themes of vengeance and resilience, showcasing a father’s unwavering determination to protect his family.


Directed by Kunle Afolayan, “Citation” tackled the prevalent issue of sex-for-grades in Nigerian higher education institutions. Starring Temi Otedola in her debut role, the film follows Moremi, a brave Master’s student who confronted her lecturer’s sexual advances, sparking a movement against systemic injustices. Otedola’s compelling performance propelled the film to global acclaim, highlighting the urgency of addressing sexual harassment in academia.

Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman

Set in the 1940s Oyo Empire, this cinematic masterpiece explored the complexities of duty and desire against the backdrop of ancient traditions and modern influences. Inspired by true events, the film followed Elesin Oba, the king’s chief horseman, whose choices disrupted a vital spiritual transaction, leading to tragic consequences.

The Rise of Igbinogun

This epic tale of rebellion stars Akin Lewis and Shaffy Bello, depicting a warrior’s defiance against oppressive forces. It’s a thrilling adventure into sacrifice and justice, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Shanty Town

Ini Edo shines in this raw portrayal of survival and ambition in the bustling city of Lagos. The film offered an unfiltered look at the underworld of drug kingpins and corruption, showcasing the lengths one woman will go for freedom.


Directed by Kunle Afolayan, “Aníkúlápó” is a dramatic folklore filled with passion, betrayal, and mysticism. With stellar performances from the cast, it’s a captivating journey through love, hate, and human frailty.


“Ijakumo” explored the complexities of love, deception, and redemption through the lens of a pastor leading a double life. Kunle Remi delivered a nuanced portrayal, navigating themes of forgiveness and second chances.

Nollywood continues to flourish, offering stories that are uniquely Nigerian yet universally resonant. These films on Netflix represent just a glimpse into the talent and creativity thriving within Nigeria’s film industry. Whether you’re drawn to drama, adventure, or crime, Nollywood has something special for every viewer to enjoy.

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