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Charles Okocha wants a boxing rematch with Portable


In the early hours of Wednesday, under the moonlit skies at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State, a spectacle unfolded at the theatrical stage of Heritage Boxing Entertainment.

Two celebrities, Nollywood actor Charles Okocha and street-pop singer Portable, clashed in a tumultuous boxing match that echoed allegations of betrayal and financial deceit. The genesis of this almost unbelievable drama was Portable’s claims of a N40 million rip-off orchestrated by Okocha. The Zazzu singer alleged that Okocha cheated him out of the money, bridging their contractual agreement.

The dispute quickly transformed into a gritty online confrontation that set the stage for their fateful encounter. After four intense rounds of boxing that left both men breathless, Portable was declared the winner.

Charles Okocha, however, does not seem to be satisfied with the outcome of the boxing match. In an Instagram post he shared after the event, he argued that the whole exercise was rigged and unfair in his books. He accused the referee of incompetence and raised the specter of foul play, asserting that Portable had removed his gloves in violation of the rules during the third round.

Despite being tossed and almost torn apart by Portable, Okocha called for a rematch.

He wrote, “How can you give up in the 3rd round when we have 4 rounds? How do you take off your gloves in the third round, leading to total disqualification when the fight hasn’t ended?”

“Y’all know this was rigged, with an incompetent referee who knows nothing about boxing rules. Nevertheless, we move on. Rematch coming soon.”

The post has sparked a number of reactions. While some agree he is right, others argue that he does not stand a chance. Still, others do not see the point of the dramatic encounter at all.

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