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Army Denies NLC’s Claims of Soldier Deployment at Labour-Government Meeting


The Army Headquarters has denied allegations by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) that soldiers have surrounded the venue of the ongoing meeting between Labour representatives and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).

The NLC’s claim, which sparked widespread concern, was swiftly addressed by the military, labelling it a “deliberate and misleading falsehood.”

According to a statement released by the Army Headquarters, military personnel at the meeting venue are part of the statutory security detail accompanying Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser (NSA), who is also attending the meeting.

The attention of Army Headquarters has been drawn to false breaking news by NLC alleging that soldiers currently surround the venue of the ongoing meeting between NLC and the SGF,” the statement read. “Kindly note that the NSA, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, also attending the meeting, arrived at the venue with his retinue of statutorily approved military escorts. Once the meeting is over, the escorts will lead the NSA from the venue.

The military emphasised that the presence of the security detail is standard protocol for the NSA and should not be misinterpreted as an attempt to intimidate or exert pressure on the Labour representatives.

“Kindly disregard the deliberate and misleading falsehood being peddled about the presence of the escorts at the meeting,” the statement noted.

The NLC had earlier claimed that soldiers had surrounded the meeting venue, raising concerns among the public about potential intimidation tactics being employed by the government.

The Labour unions are currently engaged in tense negotiations with the Federal Government over the national minimum wage and electricity tariff hike, which has led to an indefinite nationwide strike.

This latest development adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions.

Despite reassurances from the Army, the NLC’s allegations reflect the heightened tensions and mistrust between the Labour unions and the government.

As negotiations continue, the public remains watchful of any further developments that may impact the outcome of the critical discussions aimed at addressing the demands of Nigerian workers.

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