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Apex Court Rules in Favor of Peter Mbah, Dismissing Allegations of Electoral Law Violations and Certificate Forgery


In a recent breaking news development, the apex court decisively sided with the first respondent, Governor Peter Mbah. Leading a five-member panel, Justice Mohammed Garba asserted that the Labour Party and its candidate, Chijioke Edeoga, fell short of proving substantial non-compliance with electoral law allegations.

Notably, the court also dismissed claims of NYSC certificate forgery, a central argument presented by the Labour Party to disqualify Governor Peter Mbah. This resolution marks the conclusion of the legal disputes surrounding the case.

However, this verdict has sparked criticism among Nigerians, questioning the integrity of the judiciary system. Many are expressing concerns about how someone accused of forging their NYSC certificate can hold a governorship position. This sentiment is further fueled by comparisons with the current governor of Abia, Alex Otti, who is widely lauded for his positive impact on the people of Abia state.

Amidst these discussions, voices are emerging, questioning the transparency of the legal process and advocating for a closer examination of the qualifications and integrity of elected officials. The contrasting narratives surrounding Governor Peter Mbah and Alex Otti add complexity to Nigeria’s ongoing discourse about governance and accountability.

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