Home News Another Assassination Attempt on Burkina Faso’s Young President Ibrahim Traoré Fails

Another Assassination Attempt on Burkina Faso’s Young President Ibrahim Traoré Fails

Ibrahim Traoré-Assassination Attempt

In a surprising turn of events, Burkina Faso’s interim president, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, finds himself at the centre of political turbulence following a thwarted assassination attempt on his life.

Since taking office in September 2022, Traoré has undertaken various initiatives, pledging swift action against jihadists, reclaiming land, and implementing anti-corruption programs as he courts Russia, distances himself from France, and successfully navigates the difficult transition to civilian government. However, some people fight to see that Captain Ibrahim Traoré is not at the forefront in Burkina Faso.

The failed assassination plot against Traoré unfolded with Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba allegedly identified as the mastermind.  Damiba, who briefly served as interim president before Traoré’s coup, orchestrated a foiled plan to detonate an explosion within the presidential residence. This incident adds to Burkina Faso’s long history of political instability, marked by coup attempts and power conflicts.

The aftermath of the attempted assassination has exposed underlying tensions within Burkina Faso’s military ranks. In September, four military commanders were arrested on coup-related charges, raising questions about dissatisfaction with Traoré’s leadership. The perpetrators, seemingly backed by external forces, pose a challenge to Traoré’s stability.

 Ibrahim Traoré-Assassination Attempt

The failed attempt discloses the hurdles Traoré faces not only from external enemies but also from internal ones. But as days pass, Traoré solidifies more alliances, making it increasingly difficult for his detractors to impact his position.

Notably, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger signed a mutual defense pact in September 2023, aiming to collectively combat armed rebellion or external threats; therefore, it is said that anyone trying to unseat Ibrahim Traoré would also have presidents of Niger and Mali to combat, as well as Vladimir Putin whom the interim president has an alliance with.

Some speculate that foreign interests, particularly from Western countries such as France, may be involved in the turmoil, as Burkina Faso, rich in natural resources such as gold, zinc, copper, and more, poses an economic opportunity for external powers. But Traoré’s commitment to national development and his refusal to align with certain foreign interests might explain the alleged attempts to remove him from power.

Others argue that recent coup attempts against Traoré stem from his reversal of promises of fair elections and a perceived failure to address security issues in Burkina Faso within the promised timeframe.

While critics highlight these shortcomings, others acknowledge Traoré’s accomplishments in a short time but attribute the recurring coup attempts to a lack of unity in the African continent. The call is for Africans to collaborate and overcome historical conflicts to build a more peaceful and united continent.

According to the spokesman of Burkina Faso, the coup attempt was foiled, and the alleged coup plotters were arrested.

This would be the fourth coup attempt authorities in Burkina Faso have claimed to have thwarted since captain Ibrahim Traoré took power in September 2022.

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