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A Twist of Fate for Mummy Zee, Lady ‘Dragged’ for Cooking for Husband At 4:50 am


Trending number one on X (former Twitter), the spotlight is on a Nigerian woman fondly known as Mummy Zee or Debbie. The social media buzz was birthed by a now-viral X post she shared about 72 hours ago.

In the post, she candidly said: “I’ve always been too lazy to wake up and get his lunch ready. But the day he told me a colleague brought two spoons so he’ll eat with her was the day I set my alarm for 4:50 a.m.”

The seemingly mundane revelation sparked a divided response from netizens, with debates flying sky-high about the wisdom of waking up at dawn to cook for a partner. The arguments heightened when netizens found out that she was pregnant. While some criticized the perceived inconvenience and labelled it as “subjecting to and glorifying slavery,” others praised her dedication. Still, others accused her of being insecure and commented on the absurdity of her intentions.

In an unforeseen twist of fate, the said post went viral,  catapulting Mummy Zee’s page from under 1k followers to about 86.4k followers. With the visibility came a dumbfounding outpouring of generosity, as many believe she deserves to be rewarded for her diligence towards her husband.

Within a whirlwind 48-hour period, Debbie and her husband received over 5 million naira in cash donations, along with various gifts, including household items. Her husband secured a high-paying job with a scholarship for a Tech course, and they were gifted a brand-new Dell laptop. The string of gifts expanded to include two Infinix phones, an iPhone 15 Pro Max and an iPhone 13, generously paid for by a kind-hearted individual.

Showers of Gift from X users

The generosity extended beyond phones as Mummy Zee received a 65-inch Samsung TV, 1-year cable TV subscription, a bedside fridge, a job offer for her husband, 1-year fully paid legal assistance, 1-year paid rent for a 2-bed apartment, a free visit visa to Canada, and even an offer of a Brazilian passport. A real estate company pledged N1 million, later surpassed by an individual gifting them a 3-bedroom bungalow.

Mummy Zee’s fortunes continued with a new remote job, a commendable salary, and a free medical insurance package for her entire family, including the unborn child, for a year. Notably, diapers for her child will be provided until the child turns one.

Kuda Bank joined the merry party by adding ₦2 000 000 to her already robust account balance.  The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Ltd. was not to be left out. The oil firm tweeted: “Hello @_Debbie_OA, we love your amazing love story. And we would like to gift you a free ₦200,000 PMS voucher. (It is) redeemable at any of our 900+ retail stations nationwide.”

“This will ensure that Mummy Zee has #EnergyforToday and #EnergyforTomorrow. We have just followed you. Please check your DM. Best wishes.”

As long as the list is, Mummy Zee is still receiving gifts. The pledges abound, as do the opinions and takes.


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