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World’s Largest Cruise Ship, Icon of the Seas, Sets Sail

Credit: Royal Caribbean Group

The Icon of the Seas, now the world’s largest cruise ship, has embarked on its maiden voyage from Miami. Owned by Royal Caribbean Group, this 365-meter-long ship can accommodate up to 7,600 passengers and boasts 20 decks. It is set for a seven-day journey around the Caribbean islands.

Being five times the size of the ill-fated Titanic and with a height surpassing the Eiffel Tower, Icon of the Seas stands as a marvel of maritime engineering.

Icon of the Seas
World’s Largest Cruise Ship- Credit: Royal Caribbean Group

Key Highlights:

1. Grand Inauguration: The Icon of the Seas, constructed over 900 days in Turku, Finland, cost €1.65 billion ($2bn) to build. Its launch was highlighted by a ceremony featuring Lionel Messi, who initiated the traditional champagne bottle crash against the ship’s bow.

2. Hefty Scale: With 20 decks, the Icon stands taller than the Eiffel Tower and boasts a size of 248,663 gross tonnage. It surpasses its sibling, Wonder of the Seas, to claim the title of the world’s largest cruise ship.

Icon of the Seas
A deck, Family TownHouse, of the Icon

3. Entertainment Extravaganza: This floating city offers an array of entertainment, including seven pools, six water slides, a carousel, an ice rink, and over 40 dining options, ensuring a vibrant experience for every passenger.

Icon of the Seas


4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Icon is equipped with advanced technologies, featuring a microwave-powered waste converter, a reverse osmosis water purification system, and a reportedly eco-friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine.

5. Concerns and Controversy:

Despite claims of environmental friendliness, critics express concerns about methane emissions from its LNG engine. Bryan Comer from the International Council on Clean Transportation argues that LNG usage emits over 120% more greenhouse gas emissions than traditional marine fuels.

“It’s a step in the wrong direction,” Bryan was quoted to have said.

Icon of the Sea’s maiden voyage will stop in Saint Kitts and Nevis and Charlotte Amalie in the US Virgin Islands. Ticket prices for this luxurious experience range from $1,723 to $5,124 per person.



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