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Plateau: Gunmen Kill over 30 in Bokkos Communities

Bokkos Local Government Area communities are again gripped by unrest as reports emerge of renewed attacks by gunmen identified by locals as 'Fulani herders.'

Communities in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State are again gripped by unrest as over 30 people have been killed in renewed attacks by gunmen identified by locals as ‘Fulani herders.’

According to a report by FIJ, the violence has resulted in significant loss of life and displacement of residents, adding to the already tense situation in the communities.

Between Thursday last week and Tuesday, more than 30 locals were reportedly killed in the attacks, with many women and children fleeing to seek refuge in other areas.

A resident of Bokkos, who preferred to remain anonymous, revealed to FIJ that the violence escalated on Sunday when four natives protecting a part of Ghatingut village in the Mbar district of Bokkos were shot dead by ‘Fulani herders.’

The attacks reportedly extended to other areas including Wumat, Kawel, and Butura Kampani, claiming the lives of additional victims.

In response to the escalating violence, the women of Butura Kampani took to the streets in protest, demanding action from local leaders to address the persistent threat posed by the attackers.

“Inside Bokkos town, you’d hear gunshots in different locations almost every night. Now, there are plenty of cows around Bokkos town, and we don’t know why they are there,” the source noted.

FIJ report indicated that the situation in Bokkos town itself is increasingly precarious, with frequent gunshots heard in various locations during the night.

Residents have expressed concern over the sudden influx of cattle into the town, raising questions about the intentions behind their presence.

Earlier this year, similar violence erupted in Kuteng, Bokkos, and Kopnanle, Mangu, as well as along the borders of Bokkos and Barkin Ladi LGA.

In January, scores of people were killed on their farms in Miyanga, further highlighting the precarious security situation in Plateau State.

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