Home News Obasanjo Lauds Gov Otti for Repealing Outrageous Pension Law, Calls On Other Governors to Emulate Him

Obasanjo Lauds Gov Otti for Repealing Outrageous Pension Law, Calls On Other Governors to Emulate Him

Obasanjo Otti

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has urged Nigerian Governors to emulate Abia Governor Alex Otti’s example, particularly in the area of good governance, to propel Nigeria towards greatness.

During his visit to Governor Otti in Nvosi Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area on Friday, the former President commended Otti for endorsing the repeal of the Abia State Governors and Deputy Governors Pension Law, acknowledging Otti’s stance against the extravagant pension scheme for former governors, which contrasts with the unpaid pensions of ordinary citizens since 2014.

Expressing his approval, he said:

“I saw the repeal of Abia pensions of former governors; you said to me that the pension scheme for former governors here is too outrageous.

“It allows them to have a house in Abuja and elsewhere, and it allows them to cart away with whatever they can.

“Yet the pensions of ordinary people from 2014 are unpaid’ and you came and said there will be an end to that rascality.

“I congratulate you and I hope that your colleagues will follow your footsteps”, Obasanjo said.

Stating that if one-third of Nigerian states were doing what should be done, Nigeria would have been a different country, he encouraged and urged the governor to pay adequate attention to infrastructure development, particularly in Abia, recognising the region’s potential for significant socio-economic growth.

He said:

“You are doing what you should be doing. I will urge you to pay adequate attention to infrastructure.

“If you give infrastructure and you give the type of leadership you’re giving, the people of this state (Abia) will have nothing to worry about,” he stated, adding the people of Abia were enterprising.

In response, Otti affirmed his commitment to infrastructure development, particularly in Aba, as the industrial heart of the Southeast. He outlined ongoing and completed projects aimed at enhancing the region’s infrastructure.

He expressed gratitude to Obasanjo for his support in repealing the pension law, as he reiterated his belief that leadership is stewardship, and should be carried with a commitment to improve the welfare of the people by prudently handling public funds.

Concluding, Otti called for a concerted effort by both federal and state governments to reassess the cost of governance in the country.

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