Home Opinion Navigating Tough Times: Nigeria’s Christmas Amid Economic Struggles

Navigating Tough Times: Nigeria’s Christmas Amid Economic Struggles


Festive Lights, Lingering Hardships

As Lagos lights up for Christmas, Nigeria’s economic challenges linger. The nation faces persistent difficulties, from this year’s elections to ongoing financial strains.

Beneath Falomo Bridge, amid twinkling lights and reminders of the Chibok girls’ plight, the Church of the Assumption in Lagos stands resilient.

Market Struggles and Personal Stories

In a conversation with a local shop seller on my street, she shared the reality of her Christmas experience. Sales are down, costs are up, and she’s fatigued. With dreams of saving for her children’s school fees for next year, navigating economic hurdles proves daunting. These struggles resonate not only in Lagos but across the country.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s reform agenda aimed to attract investment but came with consequences—higher inflation, tripled fuel prices, and a weakened naira.

From contentious elections to policy shifts, the hardships persist. The scarcity of the naira, soaring dollar rates, and fuel shortages compound the challenges ordinary Nigerians face. In a year expected to bring positive change, the reality is one of increased struggles and enduring resilience.

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