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Labour Party’s Peter Obi Applauds Nigerian Artist Chancellor Ahaghotu for Guinness World Record Feat


Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has commended the remarkable achievement of Chancellor Ahaghotu, a young Nigerian artist who recently made headlines by breaking a decade-old Guinness World Record in painting. In a statement on Sunday, Obi expressed his congratulations to Ahaghotu, acknowledging the artist’s hard work, resilience, and commitment to his craft.

Amidst Nigeria’s challenges marked by leadership failures, Obi sees Ahaghotu’s accomplishment as a beacon of positivity. He emphasized the significance of recognizing and celebrating the talents of young individuals, particularly in a nation striving for a new direction.

Describing Ahaghotu’s achievement as an “obvious attestation” to his dedication, Obi highlighted the broader impact of such accomplishments on shaping a New Nigeria. The former Anambra governor sees in Ahaghotu’s exceptional feat the potential for positive change and growth within the nation.

Encouraging not only Ahaghotu but also other Nigerian youths, Obi stressed the importance of continuing on the path of hard work and self-development. He believes that these efforts will equip the younger generation with the necessary skills to excel and reach greater heights in their pursuits.

Guinness World Records officially recognized Chancellor Ahaghotu on Wednesday, announcing his surpassing of the previous longest painting marathon record. Hailing from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the Chancellor dedicated four days to create an impressive 106 pieces covering diverse subjects, ranging from celebrities to food items, plants, animals, and more.

Ahaghotu’s motivation, as expressed to GWR before the attempt, was to build a recognized career as an artist, and breaking the record serves as a significant step towards achieving that goal. This accomplishment boosts his recognition not only within his school but also on a global scale.

Nevertheless, Chancellor Ahaghotu’s triumph exemplifies the potential within Nigeria’s youth, and Peter Obi’s recognition underscores the importance of fostering an environment where such talents can thrive. This achievement contributes to the narrative of a New Nigeria, encouraging the nation to embrace positive change and celebrate the successes of its young talents.

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