Home News “I refuse to be reduced to those who wallow in ethnic politics” – Peter Obi

“I refuse to be reduced to those who wallow in ethnic politics” – Peter Obi

Peter Obi Labour Party

Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State and presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has vehemently denounced what he described as the distortion of facts surrounding his actions and statements during his tenure as governor.

Mainly, Obi addressed the ongoing demolitions for constructing the Lagos-Calabar coastal super highway, clarifying his stance and actions during his time in office.

Obi emphasised in his statement on X,

I aim to address these issues directly, devoid of political rhetoric, to ensure clarity for all.

Obi asserted that during his tenure as the governor, he made it unequivocally clear that all structures obstructing existing roads and lacking approval would be removed. He challenged any insinuation otherwise, inviting verification and evidence to the contrary.

Obi noted examples, including the demolition of the Onitsha North and South local government headquarters, obstructing sporting facilities. These actions, he stressed, were necessary to prioritise the restoration and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

He highlighted his strategic approach to infrastructure development, focusing on repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure over projects that risked disruption and destruction. He clarified that he never proposed creating new roads that would disrupt existing structures, contrary to comparisons drawn between his actions and the current coastal super highway project.

Addressing allegations of incitement against the government, Obi firmly rejected these accusations, asserting his commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and inclusivity.

He emphasised his dedication to unity and advancement, refusing to engage in divisive politics based on sectional or ethnic interests.

I refuse to be reduced to the level of those who wallow in ethnic politics. Worse still, I have never and can never descend so low as to base my political aspirations on any sectional or ethnic interest. My commitment to serving with integrity remains steadfast, and I encourage all Nigerians to unite for a prosperous future, he affirmed.

Obi noted that he stood by his record as governor and rejected any attempts to distort the narrative for political gain.

He reaffirmed his commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of all Nigerians, ensuring that development initiatives prioritise the needs of the people and that national resources are applied with maximum frugality.

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