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GRV visits Mende Villa Estate, alleges negligence and incompetence by LASG

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Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, visited the Mende Villa Estate; he made this known in a post on  X,  condemning the destruction of buildings and properties in the Estate.

He highlighted the need for accountability and transparency in governance, stressing that politicians should not be allowed to thrive on patronage while disregarding the welfare of citizens.

Recall that residents of Mende Villa Estate, Lagos, woke up to the reality of their homes being demolished, alleging no prior notice or warning from government authorities.

The community, which has stood for 15 years, was left in a state of dismay and outrage as bulldozers tore down their residences, leaving families homeless and livelihoods shattered.

The residents have valid documentation issued to them by state authorities. This estate has been in existence for 15 years, he noted.

Rhodes-Vivour stated that residents revealed a series of grievances and highlighted the negligence and incompetence of government officials.

Firstly, they emphasised that they were never given any notice of the impending demolition, nor were there any markings or warnings in the estate before the demolition. This lack of communication left residents blindsided and without adequate time to prepare or seek recourse.

Residents disclosed that they have consistently received bills for land use charges, further cementing their belief that their property rights were disregarded.

source; GRV on X

Despite possessing valid documentation issued by state authorities, including approvals from successive governors, residents found themselves at the mercy of bulldozers, with their homes reduced to rubble.

Moreover, residents pointed out glaring discrepancies regarding the canal adjacent to the estate. They noted that when the land was initially secured, the canal was not as wide, nor had it been adequately channelled by the government.

This negligence, coupled with a lack of maintenance and proper infrastructure development, has exacerbated environmental challenges, including flooding and pollution in Lagos, he noted.


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