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Femi Adebayo Emerges Victorious, Awarded ₦25 Million After 3-Year Court Battle Against Piracy


Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Femi Adebayo, known for his roles in various blockbuster hits, has finally secured justice in a landmark case that has lasted up to three years against piracy.

Adebayo’s ordeal began when he discovered that a notable media company was illicitly distributing content on YouTube, and did so with his 2019 film “Survival of Jelili.” The notable media company used the title and poster of his film as thumbnail deceptively leading viewers to believe they were watching the genuine film. Over time, this fraudulent activity resulted in a surge in views, further exacerbating the damage caused by piracy.

In a statement shared on Instagram on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Adebayo expressed gratitude to his legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, for their unwavering dedication and expertise throughout the tasking legal process. He highlighted their meticulous preparation, strong argumentation, and swift action as pivotal factors in securing victory in court.

“We won,” Adebayo announced proudly, revealing that the court awarded him a total of twenty-five million naira in damages. The outcome serves as a significant milestone in the fight against piracy, reaffirming the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and ensuring fair compensation for creators in the entertainment industry.

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