Home Business Enugu: Igwe Asadu grants N63 million to 63 youths to start business

Enugu: Igwe Asadu grants N63 million to 63 youths to start business

The new year set in blissfully for some youths in Edem-Ani Ogwugwu in Nsukka LGA of Enugu as they were granted a capital of ₦1 000 000 each to start businesses. The gesture was extended to these youths, 63 in all, by Igwe Samuel Asadu, the revered leader of the area, who remarked that the initiative was his contribution to nation-building.

In his words, “As the traditional ruler of this community, I am planting this seed of empowerment in the youth because they are our future leaders.”

On Wednesday, at the ceremony organized to present the cheques, Igwe Asadu delivered a high-spirited speech that underscored the importance of empowering the youth. He expressed optimism, saying that he envisioned the emergence of 63 millionaires and potentially even billionaires within the community in the next decade.

“I am empowering our youths to become future millionaires and billionaires to enable them to bring rapid developments in the community. To maintain peace, crime and drug-free society, the interest of youths must be put into consideration by empowering them meaningfully and positively.

“I am happy the community has intelligent and well-behaved youths who are determined to be useful for themselves and the society,” the Igwe said.

The ruler reiterated that empowerment is a pivotal element of his transformation agenda, designed to prepare and equip youths for a prosperous future. The selection process was led by a native, Chidozie Ogbu, who affirmed that the funds were allocated based on viable business proposals. His committee, according to him, will closely monitor the beneficiaries to ensure that the intended purpose of the empowerment initiative is achieved.

Igwe Asadu further assured his audience that the event was the tip of the iceberg. It was the inaugural phase of a comprehensive plan. As such, more youths in the community will benefit in the near future.

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