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Davido and Wizkid Unite at Exclusive Event, Spreading Joy Among Fans with their Epic Camaraderie!


Nigeria’s greatest superstars had a link-up yesterday at a club in Lagos. This was a moment for some fans to see their faves link up together in a beautiful way. Davido and Wizkid are two of the greatest Afrobeat singers we have currently on mainstream, amongst others.

There has always been a brutal trolling of these artists’ fanbases about who is better? and who isn’t. This meetup they both had at the evenintheday club has to be one of the highlights of December. They both exhibited a strong bromance for each other, and it seems they have been doing that for long and the fans don’t know about that.

Davido has a lot of events piled up this December. He recently finished a concert in Abuja, and today, Sunday, 17th December 2023, he has an event here in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The event is titled the ‘The plugged festival,” which has been going on in Port Harcourt for a while, and now Port Harcourt will be able to see some of their faves perform tonight on stage. Since his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” which bagged three nominations at the Grammy Awards, Davido has been on a sweet rollercoaster ride with his fans.

Wizkid, who laid his mum to rest, has also been doing great things for himself and his fans. He performed at the Tottenham hotspur stadium in front of 45,000 fans who came to see the star boy perform. Wizkid is a leading pioneer of the afrobeat genre, and most stars look up to him for his talent, work, ethics and how he keeps a good, low-key life from the outside world.

The video of these two great artists shows a strong camaraderie, and fans all over would want this to continue over time. Does this mean the fans would have a new song? More speculations are turning up, but for now, this was a beautiful moment for both artists.

Source credits videos: @the49thstreet on all social media platforms.


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