Home News Amotekun intercepts ‘Trucks’ from North with 149 men, weapons and drugs in Ondo State

Amotekun intercepts ‘Trucks’ from North with 149 men, weapons and drugs in Ondo State

Amotekun intercepts 'Trucks' from North with 149 men, weapons and drugs in Ondo

In Ondo State, the local security outfit, Amotekun, intercepted a convoy of trucks transporting 149 men from the northern parts of Nigeria. The interception took place at a notorious black spot known for various criminal activities, including kidnapping, banditry, and armed robbery in the state.

According to the commander of Amotekun, Adetunji Adeleye, the suspects were apprehended following a tip-off regarding the influx of individuals into the Ondo forest reserve. Contrary to their claim of being hunters, these individuals were found in possession of weapons such as guns and cutlasses, as well as bags of Indian hemp.

“The majority of these people who claimed that they were coming into the state as hunters were arrested around the black spots where we have robbery operations and kidnapping,” stated Commander Adeleye during a press briefing in Akure.

Adeleye expressed astonishment at the suspects’ attempt to conceal their weapons and illicit substances under their vehicles, raising suspicions about their intentions. He questioned why they would travel from distant parts of the country to hunt in an unfamiliar forest reserve without proper registration or consultation with local authorities.

“The pertinent question we are asking them is why are they hiding their guns. If they are genuine hunters, why not come out openly?” Adeleye remarked, highlighting the need for transparency and compliance with regulations governing hunting activities in the state.

Moreover, Adeleye voiced concerns that the intercepted individuals might be linked to criminal activities, citing their suspicious behaviour and the prevalence of crimes such as kidnapping and armed robbery in the region.

“We have strong reasons to believe that they are the people that turn at night to kidnappers, armed robbers and commit various crimes,” Adeleye emphasized.

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